I=Formally Introduced
C=Competent, student can independently perform skill 75% of the time
C.  Research Model
5. Assess: What is the assessment?
a. How is the product evaluated?  K   1  2  3   4  5  6   7  8   9  10  11   12 
(1)Evaluates product in terms of content and format         I       D       C
(2)Assesses the product for completeness, strengths and weaknesses         I       D       C
(3)Demonstrates a high degree of confidence in the quality of the product     I         D         C
(4)Understands criteria for evaluation              
 (a) Uses rubrics for self / group evaluation         I   D     C      
 (b) Uses checklists     I D   C              
b. How is the process evaluated?              
(1)Develops criteria to determine the effectiveness of the problem-solving process         I     D     C    
(2)Reflects on information seeking process         I       D       C
(3)Explains which souces were useful and why       I       D         C
(4)Knows when additional sources are needed     I     D       C      
(5)Explains the most difficult parts of the assignment         I       D       C
(6)Assesses use of available time for task         I       D       C
(7)Makes recommendations to improve results         I       D       C
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